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Yes we offer full general and complete health checkup packages in Mumbai at discounted prices. You can book from a variety of health checkup packages at the most affordable prices without compromising on the quality at our dignostic centre in Mumbai.
Yes we offer various health checkup packages in Mumbai including full body checkup in Mumbai, Cardiac Care, Diabetes Care, Cancer Marker , For PCOD etc
You can book complete health checkup packages in Mumbai at Aarogya 365 via our website itself. To do so follow this procedure
  1. Visit our 'Book an appointment Page'
  2. Select the Packages Option
  3. Select the Package
  4. Select the pathology lab in Mumbai that you prefer (Borivali or Goregaon)
  5. Select the time
  6. Add your mobile number and click on save button!
Yes absolutely! After selecting the lab you will get an option to select the health checkup packages in Mumbai that you wish to opt for. If you know the name of the package you can simply type it in the search bar there.
Regular health checkups are of extreme importance help you avoid new diseases, manage your existing health issues as well stay fit. We offer a wide range of pre-designed health packages in Mumbai at more than 50% discount.
You should opt for complete health checkup packages in Mumbai at regular intervals of six-eight months to keep a consistent check on your health.
Yes the results of the health checkups in Mumbai are kept under wraps and is available for access only to you or your representative.
Even if you have no diseases and look absolutely fine opting for health checkup packages in Mumbai will help you access your overall health and prevent various diseases. So at least once in a year you should get your routine tests conducted for precaution purposes.
If you are undertaking a regular test then it is not necessary to visit a doctor prior to the test. But we would always recommend consulting your doctore before opting for any of our health checkup packages in Mumbai so that you have better clarity of which package should you opt for as per your requirements
Whether you have opted for routine blood test at home or complete health checkup packages, the payment needs to be done after collection of your blood sample or after your test but before receiving your reports.
The availability of the results largely depends on the health checkup packges that you choose. For regular blood tests at home in Mumbai we offer same day results within 24hours of the test.