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Yes depending on the types of blood tests at home in Mumbai fasting of 10-12 hours is required. But if you not aware or unsure if you need to fast then don't worry we are here for you. Before visiting your home our experts will call you and confirm what condition you need be in before giving a sample. In case of getting tested at the lab, you can call us and confirm the same.
Yes depending on the test there are different types of instruction for the same that is to be followed. You can call us and confirm the same before getting tested.
The sample blood collection at home or our labs is done by experienced, qualified blood collection agents who are our On-field' partners. It is a fully automated machine process.
You should get a blood test in Mumbai done from Aarogya 365 for the following reasons:
  1. All our tests are conducted by experienced, trusted and qualified professionals.
  2. Secondly, we don't charge for blood collection at-home services.We believe that patients get diagnostic tests done when they are not well and in pain. At such times to ask the patient to visit any center is the biggest difficulty so we don't charge for it.
  3. If you wish to get it the blood test done at labs then we have them at the most convienent locations like Goregaon, Borivali and Kandivali.
  4. For us the health and wellbeing of our patients is of utmost importance along with quality. We have managed to bring down the prices through our partner labs and transfer those benefit to the patients.
No we don't charges for blood test at home in Mumbai or report delivery services.
We offer more than 1500 types of blood tests. Simply scroll through our website or connect with us at +91 9031 2473 65 to book an appointment for blood tests at home in Mumbai, at our labs or to get more information and answer for your queries.
You can book blood test at home in Mumbai according to your health condition. Check out the list of the tests on our website to know more about it.
We understand that our pathology lab in Mumbai might not be reachable for a lot of people even though we have them at three locations in Mumbai so we provide mostly free of cost blood test at home in Mumbai services considering the same.
Our blood collection at home services are available throughout Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai (Churgate to Virar / VT To Thane / Kurla To Vashi)
The availability of report duration varies on the service you have opted for( whether you have opted for regular blood test at home, full body checkup or complete health packages in Mumbai ). For Routine tests we will provide report on the same day.
We are one of the most preferred diagnostic centre in Mumbai because we believe that everyone has the right to good health and which is why we don't charge even a penny for blood test at home in Mumbai. You can schedule an appointment with us through our website by simply by contacting us.